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  • Honors

    “The Golden Fir Prize - 2017 Best Motor Insurance Carriers with Service innovations”

    On Oct 26th, Shanghai, Anting-Shanghai International Auto City, Jianyuan Capital, Lingyi Finance, Roland Berger organized the “2017 the Fourth Anting International Automobile Financial Forum” jointly. We were conferred as “The Golden Fir Prize - 2017 Best Motor Insurance Carriers with Service innovations”.



    The Golden Fir Prize is one of the most influential awards in the automotive finance industry. It is founded by the Anting International Automotive Finance Forum with independent perspective, scientific methodology, and fairness to choose the esteemed enterprise. The prize falls into three categories i.e. products, enterprises and persons. There were 37 enterprises and individuals being awarded, but only three of them were insurance companies.
    These years, we focus on client-oriented strategy, actively accommodate the market trend and improve our service quality with innovation. This gives us acceptance by the market and the customers. In 2017, the company made great efforts to explore and actively embrace changes. A milestone is our guarantee insurance solution for the automotive finance industry. It is a remarkable contribution to the innovation and development of domestic automobile finance industry, and we received lots of praise from the forum.

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